Julie read me telephonically in May 2016. I had no idea what to expect and had no expectations. She had no information about me or my life. She requested that during the reading, I only answer yes or no honestly if her statement makes sense to me and to not elaborate if possible. She began by asking me to say my first name three times in a row. She was spot on with regard to the three most important events currently occuring in my life. This was validating and healing for me. She then felt the presence of a departed dear friend of mine, even telling her name. She was exact with her reading of my beautiful friend. It was incredibly sad and painful followed by joy. Julie then asked if I had any questions. I requested information regarding another friend who had passed and I told her his first name. Again, she was exact, even engaged in dialogue with him using my thoughts. I left the session filled with happiness and energy. Thank you to Julie!

Jill G.